Captain Gus


This is your captain speaking. Let me introduce myself to you, I hope future guests.
My name is Gus, born in the beautifull city of Amsterdam ( a long time ago). I lived many years in the centre of the city. I left the city and live now very close by. I have nice family with 3 children and a dog.

VIP canal tours, is a start-up by Captain Gus. After sailing the canals of Amsterdam for several companies and many different vessels, the time has come to become a private company. The most important thing is that our guests enjoy the tour we  offer in different small old and new salonboats built to navigate exclusively trough  the canals.

You can book a shared or private tour. Shared is most of the time fun to watch and hear new friendships and relations begin along the tour.

The best way to start the day is get, board at 8.00 and sail for 90 minutes on the canals with no other boats in the water. TIP! Best time to take photographs and videos.

We sail different routes, not fixed rounds like others do, and we have friendly unscripted guide, host and fully licensed captain in-one.

We like to interact with you by telling stories about the history of Amsterdam and we are happy to answer all your questions.

Our groups are limited to 12 persons plus captain.

Welcome on board.
Captain Gus